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Christmas ReinBeer Coors Light Shirt



If you fall for this in the first place. You’ve got it coming. People will believe anything on Christmas ReinBeer Coors Light Shirt. Humans aren’t too bright. Wonder how many people were waiting to ice down there free beer.

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Christmas ReinBeer Coors Light Shirt, hoodie, tank top, sweater, long sleeve and sweatshirt

I thought a corporation was really going to give me a free case of Christmas ReinBeer Coors Light Shirt its a scam? I feel like there should be a promotion like this for the ones that religiously drink it. I hope the one that has the small fridge to winis not a fake site. Well nuts I filled it out fell for it hook line and sinker and not even a beer drinker. Been drinking molson canadian for over 25 years and I won my first can of Christmas ReinBeer Coors Light Shirt this summer. So proud I can’t get the nerve to cash it in.


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