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Butterfly Christmas tree sweater



I’m with him at first you feel lucky, like Butterfly Christmas tree sweater this beautiful winged creature has chosen me.then you watch it for a bit,a little in awe.After that though you start to become aware of its grabby little legs and slowly start to realize that(terrifyingly) it’s just a monster bug with wings.

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Butterfly Christmas tree sweater, hoodie, tank top, long sleeve and sweatshirt

This is the sweetest Butterfly Christmas tree sweater! What a good hearted baby! Definitely not an appropriate headline. Should be: “Our dog remained completely calm when a butterfly landed on him”. Anyone here gonna ruin this by saying Butterfly Christmas tree sweater is gonna die of cancer because they’re “an animal expert”. No? So I can enjoy the video for once, noice! As a person that has an animal management diploma, all I can say is this is so goddamn cute and ima throw hands if anyone disagrees. Cal, right after your comment, in Spanish, someone says something about the danger of the situation.


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