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Build bridges not walls shirt



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Roger Allen Jr. :this has been going on for Build bridges not walls shirt .illegal immigration is a plight on our country .talking about California and their unending usage of illegals to pick their crops.

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The wall is merely a Trump designed distraction, it is Build bridges not walls shirt with the purpose of diverting attention away from the collusion investigation with Russia. By shutting down the government, he puts a Stranglehold on the finances of the investigation, thus slowing its progress.
We must remember, this was one of Build bridges not walls shirt made by his substitute Attorney General. Dave Krapf trump shut tge government down no Pelosi…he can open it at anytime…but he won’t because he can’t get his way..hes a spoiled child. Pam Green word of warning well Mitch and his wife better not eat take out or go to a restaurant. It’s sad but that’s true.

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There are a lot of people who voted for Trump who are being represented by this Build bridges not walls shirt. YOU may not think their votes or their opinions matter. YOU may be calling it racist. YOU may be saying HE won’t budge. But there are always 2 sides to every story. I didn’t vote for Trump. But his voters matter as much as Obama’s did. You all need to remember that.

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Dana Cary I wish it would stop too…not only is it hurting these people financially…it is hurting them mentally..they can’t provide for their families.


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