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Breast cancer beards for boobs shirt



This protocol is not correct so far. We should to follow Breast cancer beards for boobs shirt protocol. My mother was diagnosed from breast cancer around two years ago and now she is fully cure after 8 chemotherapy and Breast cancer beards for boobs shirt . Although, chemotherapy brings some side effects but at this time there is not any alternate to avoid it specially for breast cancer. If cancer diagnosed in level 1/2 then there will be chance of ful cure if follow the correct protocol of treatment.

Breast cancer beards for boobs shirt hoodie, tank top, sweater, long sleeve and sweatshirt

Breast cancer beards for boobs shirt

I had lBreast cancer beards for boobs shirt , diagnosed 12/27/01. Had chemo and radiation. Pronounced clear of all cancer 8/15/08. I attribute my survival to the radio AND the chemo!
I find Breast cancer beards for boobs shirt appalling that so many people are so quick to tell others to skip/quit their “traditional” treatments in favor of unproven voodoo and mysticism. Please, follow the advice of your Oncologist! They went to school for 20 years to learn how to treat you.
Is it 100% successful? No. But neither is the voodoo that gets promoted on this site.
Specifically, to those of you promoting voodoo instead of Breast cancer beards for boobs shirt , I hope you understand that you may be sentencing others to death! There already is, and has been, drugs that boosts your own immune system to fight cancer cells, and not destroy health cells and organs. It’s all in the money. Find out with genetic testing if you are susceptible for breast cance and quit worrying so much and don’t smoke or eat crap processed food or meat or dairy from cows that have been shot up with hormones or anti biotics don’t eat veg and fruits that have been covered with insecticides and mammograms radioactive are not a good thing, feel for lumps yourself, watch movies that make you laugh, stress is Breast cancer beards for boobs shirt and can activate cancer cells which we all have. There are NO guarantees with breast cancer. 30% of early stagers metastisize and eventually become stage 4 – regardless of Breast cancer beards for boobs shirt you did or did’t do. There is no way to predict who will / why it happens. Breast cancer can return even 20 years later. Educate yourselves with the proper facts from proper sources and stop listening to random people who don’t even have cancer and spread false truths and myths. Sure, my cousin with stage 4 breast cancer with Breast cancer beards for boobs shirt . Was given 6 months to live. Oh well she still alive ,no chemo but she has to change her diet and she has to have soursop tea, 3x a day and lots of prayers from all family and friends.

My friend had breast cancer, had limited surgery, Breast cancer beards for boobs shirt and chemotherapy. Afterwards she was given the experimental drug tomoxifin and the cancer came back, not in the breast but every where else. The second time she refused chemotherapy and died! All patients are different with different response to medication. Lets not experiment and take real lives… Breast cancer beards for boobs shirt of the study to be done vigourously under Phase 3 so that study results and response to medication are accurate. Chemo therapy is a multi-billion dollar business. It will be difficult, even with all the scientific evidence and Breast cancer beards for boobs shirt, to remove it from standard cancer treatment unless profits can still be made off of alternative treatments. My breast cancer was found by mammogram. Modified radial mastectomy & tram flap reconstruction 1991. Not even tamoxifen was given. A sister, 18 months younger had the same type, but allowed it to metastasis …. Many chemo treatments were given; went into remission, but returned with Breast cancer beards for boobs shirt . Next Wednesday I have a biopsy they said that I have calcification that was suspicious. They are tiny in size, but they want to see if they form of certain pattern. I don’t know what to expect and I am scared. I’m 63 years old. Last year after Breast cancer beards for boobs shirt and resulting biopsy turned up very small abnormal tissue, non cancerous, a titanium marker was placed in my breast. Breast cancer beards for boobs shirt left slight scarring but it seems odd, has anyone had this done? This fits with other research that has been done recently. We now know that breast cancer starts to spread before it’s ever detectable. The determining factor of whether it spreads or not is the density of the tumor. So for those that don’t have a dense tumor chemo wouldn’t be beneficial as there cancer probably would never spread to begin with. Breast cancer beards for boobs shirt r is only terminal if it spreads. For those with a dense tumor early detection does nothing to reduce the death rate. Because the tumor has already started to spread by the time it’s detectable. That’s why 30% of “early detection” breast cancer patients go on to metastasize any way.

I have known already of Breast cancer beards for boobs shirt of friends and relatives to cancer… the today’s chemos treatments are so nasty and aggressive that it kills the victim faster and 1st than the disease itself.. we are on the dark ages yet on that matters, it is very sad. why do your breast images have to look bigger than Breast cancer beards for boobs shirt ? looks like implants; not natural; most women do not look like that; be more realistic Some of us on this specific web page have been advertising the remedy’s fore years . I had the privilege of associating with the great late Dr Alvenia Fulton. AST 63rd or 69 th And Ashland . Women would go in the cooler ,get the gallon of herbal formula. For that specific reason. I suggest they go to penterest . They can correct that. I’m just baffled to see so many anti-science, anti-scientific, N = 1, dangerous, Breast cancer beards for boobs shirt and paranoid responds to a post about a well performed scientific study. If you truly believe that hypnosis or herbal teas treat cancer I would say: go try it yourself, but stop scaring other people away from therapies that actually do help. I’m outta here. Great danger here! Don’t make treatment decisions based on a video you watched on YouTube! Only a qualified Breast cancer beards for boobs shirt can assist with these crucial decisions!


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