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All Boston Sports teams city of champion shirt



Worst Tom Brady era team . Put the blame on BB he created this mess . Maybe he can put his ego aside next year and put in a SB championship team and both he and Tom can go out on top. Yep, stick a fork in em. They be done. Get use to it. It was a fun 20 years. Now, back to the Steve Grogan days.

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We have been spoiled! This is what other teams go through year after year! Not good enough this time! Well Pat’s look bad on both sides of the ball . Honestly I don’t see them winning in the playoffs.

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No question he has the history. If he was 27-28 maybe. No one has performed at that $ range except Rivera at 34-35-36. Look at all the 30 yrs plus contracts that the teams are stuck. Ellsbury, Cabrera, Etc. No one is going $100 mil over 6 yrs.  Bob Chenard maybe the Phillies would, but your probably right. Kimbrel needs to lower his expectations a little haha; had he pitched well in the postseason, then he would have more pull to get that big jackpot.

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The too long beard. That stupid way he he lifts his arm like a bird. They way he creates all kinds of rallies for the other team…. with his erratic control then somehow he manages to get the save. Watching this guy pitch is high anxiety and heart attack inducing. No thanks. Time give away another prospect to land another closer.


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