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Best dadicorn ever shirt

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Unless, of course, there never was a ‘deal’ and this Best dadicorn ever shirt just another manufactured problem with the same remedy as the last dozen times; stop the behavior that caused the artificial problem. Looks like the aluminum foil industry is producing MAGA amounts of aluminum foil to accommodate the anti trumpers. So why did Obama and Hillary, Pelosi and Schumer all call it a crisis in the past.

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In fact, they all voted for border security to the Best dadicorn ever shirt of $50 billion a few years back under Obama. Don’t upset the Lefty Libtards who just jump on the anti Temp band wagon. Paul Gunterman I absolutely refuse to find the videos and articles showing all of these Dems talking about the border crisis from years past.

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Susan Cecil there to busy taking bribes from the Best dadicorn ever shirt besides they are not anything like a national guard. William Burgess um okay perhaps you need to do some research prior to posting such nonsense.

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I pulled one of dozens of articles from a source you trust I am sure.


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