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Be you tiful shirt

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Be you tiful shirt
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Loved this Be you tiful shirt favourite line was at end of book, the sun set and the day was over. I lost my original I never solved that mystery eitherI have bought another two copies of it now just incase My father spent a good chunk of my childhood faffing with this book, instead of with me, sadly. We came up with many imaginative theories but never cracked it Love this book.

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As a bunch of young single airman we used to sit in the Be you tiful shirt bar and drink copious amounts of beer trying to solve the puzzles. When this first came out I had recently joined the Royal Air Force and was stationed at Brize Norton. Hey I’ve still got that book think my Aunt bought it me I have the original book and was just telling a friend about this story this morning.

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Loved everything about it, shame I am no good at solving riddlesMy late father in law spent many hours trying to solve the Be you tiful shirt I was not the lucky winner but I did solve a number of the puzzles. Still have my copy of this gorgeous book which my parents got for me when it was released.

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Oh yes, I remember the Be you tiful shirt of Man was dug up from end to end, and they had to stop it because people thought it was buried in a churchyard, so it was being dug up too. I was surprised when I came across a pristine copy at a used bookseller last year and bought it right away. Still have it on my shelf as well as the solution book that I still don’t understand.

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I had recently been recalling Masquerade and then I saw it here on my newsfeed. I still have it and though the Be you tiful shirt is now widely known I still enjoy the wonderful work by Kit Williams. When I was 13 visiting the UK from Canada back in 1980 my parents bought me is book.


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