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Baby Groot And Unicorn kid shirt



Baby Groot And Unicorn kid shirt
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They’re all coming back. I don’t get why people keep freaking out and worrying about if they will or won’t come back. Of course they’ll get revived…. there at two Baby Groot And Unicorn kid shirt called the time and soul stone… come on now.

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Baby Groot And Unicorn kid shirt, hoodie, tank top, sweater, long sleeve and sweatshirt

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Everyone is pretty sure the original avengers that survived will have to sacrifice thenselves to bring Baby Groot And Unicorn kid shirt back. Theyre the future of the MCU. And the directors said that avengers 4 wont reverse everything.

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Some of them can be put in alternative universes… and there is Baby Groot And Unicorn kid shirt that some of the living will give themselves up for those that perished… you never know. Btw Loki and vision are permanently dead.  I mean you can’t say gamora is not coming back , her body might be dead but her soul is trapped inside the soul stone.

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Well you can only really use the soul stone because Baby Groot And Unicorn kid shirt stone wont do anything dr. Strange predicted all outcomes and not one did it have them coming out winning(even tho in the movie he said there was 1 but lied). So no matter if you use the time stone and try to fix it thanos will still be alive and still will get all the ifinity stones. The only way they could possible come away with everyone by using the time stone is take it to where they tried to get the gauntlent off thanos hand and tell star lord to keep his feelings to himsepf while they get it off but knowing his ego there is no way that will ever happen


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