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Adidas Grinch santa shirt



You gotta be careful around everyone these days. I was walking down the street yesterday and a guy walked towards me and pulled out Adidas Grinch santa shirt. I’m sooooo happy I was agile enough to reach into my pocket and pull out a rock. Cuz if I had pulled out paper, shiiiit, I would have lost.

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Adidas Grinch santa shirt, hoodie, tank top, sweater, long sleeve and sweatshirt

Adidas Grinch santa shirt this made me laugh very funny. This is so f#cking dope, his impersonation is just on fire, Jim Carrey would be so proud. Nodnarb Bautista thinking the same thing..very entertaining. There was a different one a year or 2 ago that was so much better but this is great too! But he loves children this is him with my daughter in Daytona Beach last year for Christmas.  Adidas Grinch santa shirt I’m sure if you Google it find out who plays the Grinch walking around in different cities. If he was in Newcastle he would have got a much warmer reception! We’ve got a beat boxing spiderman ffs!


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