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90’s girl baldhead hoe shit kid shirt



If you don’t mind, could you please tell me which era was this? I am not from US but would like to know when was 90’s girl baldhead hoe shit kid shirt? Coz today I live here and see ppl still feel discriminated but I fail to see that….coz I am brown n have always been treated with respect here….but maybe I am new and others may have seen things differently.

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Beautiful 90’s girl baldhead hoe shit kid shirt of courage. I grew up in this era. My family did not allow us to treat any person with disrespect so I was unaware of the gravity of Racism at the time. However, as I grew into an adult I recognized the double standard. Ibecame an advocate to treat others of any race, religion, or gender with respect as long I was treated with the same respect. Whatever race you are, there are good seeds and bad seeds in each.Unisex Sweatshirt front

But very different incident came into my 90’s girl baldhead hoe shit kid shirt….my stay in Atlanta was very different….thr my kids were discriminated by class fellows due to colour….I felt same in shopping complex…why would ppl who have been discriminated in past, do same to other skin colour ppl?¬†Sandy McNeill Coffee unfortunately the bad seeds of white america killed the good seeds of black america. I applaud your awakening.Unisex Hoodie front

Oh got my answer, down in someone else’s comment…it was in 1960’s….. would read about that now.



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