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4pf shirt

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And please don’t tell me that 4pf shirt dog wouldn’t be happy with someone else. If my boss did this, I would be GONE, along with most of the staff. Honestly, it was ridiculous and unenforceable, except for the spineless veterinarian who performed the task.

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I get why she wanted it and oh my god I get it but just no. Unfortunately, as long as animals are seen as property under the 4pf shirt they can be treated like an object such as a purse. Thoughts and prayers with the dog Also pet lovers leave money in your will for care of your pet, with family or trusted friend or humane societyNope.

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Idk why they couldn’t just wait for the 4pf shirt to die on its own and then bury it with her. No words just selfish and disgustingShe would of been thinking, no one could love and care for the dog as much she did. That is beyond sick Talk about a letter of the request versus the spirit of the request situation.

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. Sometimes we are so selfish we think maybe nobody will love them as much as we do. So sadsometimes nobody wants to take care of the 4pf shirt that is left behind.

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I have seen relatives leaving in the 4pf shirt their dead aunt’s cat or dog because nobody wants to deal with the pet. What kind of world we live in I’m a vet and I have found myself forced into situations like this THE CRAZY CRIMINAL DIE BUT HOW ABOUT THOSE STILL ALIVE. Very unethical and still cant believe that this hapening nowadays with the presence of all these animal rights organizationsThis is disgusting and should never have been allowed in a will, much less actually carried out.


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